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For families caring for a loved one with mild cognitive impairment or dementia, finding the right help can be overwhelming.

Our Geriatric Care Managers 

are here to help!

The services provided include, but are not

limited to the following:

  • Perform needs assessments

  • Provide quality of care home visits

  • Assess availability of community resources

  • Develop & Facilitate family, community, and corporate training

  • Arrange for provision of long term and community support services 

  • Assist in filing insurance forms/appealing decisions

  • Assess cognitive status

  • Assess eligibility for Medicaid or other forms of financial support 

  • Monitor quality of long term services and supports

  • Provide Guardian ad Litem and Court Appointed Guardian services

  • Act as a liaison between the senior, family, physicians, pharmacist,
    home care agencies, nursing homes/assisted living and other stakeholders

Dr. Macie P. Smith

Stay in touch with Dr. Macie!

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