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"...educating the minds of those
who care for yours..."

Dr. Smith AHEC Outstanding Educator of the Year

Meet The CEO/Owner...

Dr. Macie Smith started Diversified Training Consultants Group to better educate and support senior families while they journey through dementia caregiving and the long term care system. Dr. Smith's upbeat personality and passion for what she does transforms a burdensome situation into a blossoming new way of living. She is dedicated to preserving the quality life of our most precious gems by providing quality education and information with real world scenarios that will leave you empowered. 


What you think you know about Alzheimer's disease/dementia and the long-term care system, can affect your ability to successfully ​journey through disease processes. Therefore, Dr. Smith and her team create a learning environment that molds and shapes your knowledge. Her approach is non-judgmental and hopeful.  Dr. Smith's motto is to inform, not to impress.  

Dr. Smith employs Licensed Social Workers and Dementia Care Specialists to manage 1:1 family care coordination for seniors. She has a robust list of qualified dedicated senior care providers and professionals that help structure her business model. Dr. Smith's services are agnostic and affordable.

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Dr. Macie P. Smith is an award-winning educator and writer with over 23 years of experience working with aging and vulnerable populations. Dr. Smith is a Licensed Social Worker and Gerontologist. She has appeared in several editions of Faculty Matters Magazine for her continued contributions in the academic areas of teaching, discovery, integration, and application.  She conducts research, develops programs, conducts program evaluations, and facilitates professional development training in the areas of health care management, human services development and program development.


Dr. Smith also is the author of A Dementia Caregiver's Guide to Care and serves as an advisory board member for Leeza's Care Connection, a caregiving support center founded by Celebrity Journalist and Caregiver Advocate, Leeza Gibbons.

Dr. Smith's primary focus is coordinating quality care within aging and underserved communities and providing credible information through traditional and new media outlets. Dr. Smith is a regular contributor on OnPoint on WACH FOX 57 where she answers health related questions posed by viewers. She also maintains a monthly column in the Carolina Panorama newspaper, as well as a featured Opinion Editorial writer in The State Newspaper, The Times and Democrat, and The Post & Courier.  Dr. Smith has been recognized as a Top 20 Under 40 leader by the South Carolina Black Pages magazine for her work as a community and industry change agent. Dr. Smith has been featured on WACH FOX 57, WIS-TV, WLTX, WOLO, WWDM, WFMV, WGCV, and WURD radio. She enjoys inspiring others by educating others. Learn more about Dr. Macie Smith here.

To Book Dr. Smith for Training or to Host your Next Event...

"This is absolutely the best information and delivery I have ever attended about dementia."  - Sandy L. (Caregiver)

"Thank you for presenting the Dementia [training]...The tools you presented have already changed the way I look at the condition...You are a delightful presenter and clearly a dedicated scholar and caregiver. I am glad that you shared yourself and the program with us."  - Anne A. (Caregiver / Conference Attendee)

"Thanks again for an awesome training! The information was impactful both professionally and personally. I came home and gave my sister BIG kiss!  I've already used what I learned and she is responding wonderfully. Amazing. - Tina D. (Caregiver/Conference Attendee/Dementia Trainer)

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​"Thank you very much for this seminar. Each week I looked forward to Wednesday so I could learn more and more." - Lisa R. (Conference Attendee) 

"I want to say thank you for the program you finished with us...Enjoyed you so much as a presenter--you are gifted! Information great and very helpful in my counseling work."  - Donna D. (Conference Attendee)

"I admire you...and my gratitude for the education of a lifetime!"  - Nancy A. (Conference Attendee)

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